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Found A Great Cleaning Service Edmonton Area Has

I was looking around to find a cleaning service Edmonton area. I was overwhelmed with working a full time job and raising a child and didn’t have much time to clean my home. I wanted to hire someone to do it for me.

I asked a few people at work if they had hired any cleaning services or knew of any good ones. One of my co-workers said her friend cleaned homes and was really good at it. She said I could find her if I looked her up on social media. She gave me the name of the cleaning business and I found their Facebook page. I was able to contact her friend through there and let her know that her friend recommended her cleaning services.

She responded within a few hours and told me when she was available to clean for me. I told her I preferred that it be done while I was at work and she said she had an opening the next day in the morning. She asked me what all I needed cleaned and how big the rooms were. I gave her all the information and told her that I would leave the door to my home unlocked.

When I came home from work that day I felt so relieved to walk into a clean home. I was so happy with the job that she did cleaning for me. I made sure to go to her Facebook page and leave a review about her services. I also told my co-worker what a great job her friend did.

I contacted her through Facebook again to see how often she could do this for me. I would rather have it kept up than to allow it to get to the condition it was in and then have it cleaned. She said she could come once a week to pick up around the house and also clean for me. I told her that would work and she has been doing this for about a month now for me.

I am so happy I found a great cleaning service Edmonton area and it wasn’t hard to find. I am glad I asked my co-workers and got a great recommendation for a cleaning service that I can trust and let in my house without worrying about things coming up missing or her not doing a thorough job cleaning.

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